Yahoo Ends Translation Service In 13 Years

Yahoo has decided to end its translation service “Yahoo Translation” on June 29th, which is a service provided by its portal site.

Japan’s Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported yesterday that Yahoo was pressured to compete with Google’s innovative translation service, which has boosted the accuracy of the translation based on massive data collection.

Yahoo translator was first launched in 2005 with the translation boom in Japan in the 2000s and provided in 8 languages including Japanese, Korean, English, and Chinese.

It is pointed out that Yahoo is pulling out of the translation business, reflecting the fact that the accuracy of Google’s translation is so high that it is expanding its market share. The Nikkei said that users of Yahoo’s translation service were stalled as the presence of Google translation increased.

Yahoo has decided to withdraw, but translation demand continues to expand. According to the Yano Research Institute, the size of the translation and interpretation market in Japan last year was 267.1 billion yen (about $2.4 billion), an increase of 2% from the previous year. One of the backgrounds of the expansion of the demand for translation is that demand for disclosure of financial statements due to overseas investment by listed companies is increasing.

Google does not simply translate the meaning of words by using artificial intelligence (AI), but collects and analyzes vast amounts of data to improve the completeness of translation.

Translation services are becoming more diverse. According to the translation service statistics, computer users mainly use translation services for business purposes, and smartphone users are mainly used by young people to communicate through social network services such as Facebook and Instagram and more.

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