Uber reveals plans to demo flying cars within 3 years

Uber, a vehicle-sharing company, will launch a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) flight taxi pilot service in 2020.

Uber said at the “Elevator Conference” in Dallas, Texas, on Monday that they plan to launch an “on-demand air call service” business that can move quickly through a busy high-density urban center using a vertical take-off and landing plane.

Calling a Uber at a rooftop helicopter in a particular building or on a ground-flying car landing and take-off, will allow you to arrive within five minutes of a 30-minute drive from a complex city center.

Uber said they have partnered with six small airline and VTOL technology companies including Aurora Flight Sciences, Imbra, Bell Helicopter, Fistral Air Craft, Mooney, and ChargePoint. The initial project will focus on both Dallas and Middle East Dubai.

In particular, Uber’s first flight taxi service will be showcased at the Dubai International Expo in 2020.

Uber has chosen Dubai as a pilot site because it has expressed its willingness to support a variety of future transportation projects, including flying cars and hyper-loops (faster than the airplanes invented by Tesla founder Ilron Musk) “It is easy to do,” said TechCrunch, an IT specialist.

Flying car start-up Kitty Hawk, which was sponsored by Google founder Larry Page, announced on Tuesday that it had successfully piloted a one-man flying prototype at a lake in the state of California.

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