Uber May Be Removed From Apple App Store

Uber, who is treated as a “troublemaker in Silicon Valley” due to internal sexual harassment, was warned that it could disappear from the Apple App Store.

The New York Times reported that Tim Cook has cautioned Travis Kalanick of Uber in early 2015 that the Uber app can be removed from the Apple App Store.

According to the NYT, Uber planted a system that could identify the iPhone user who initialized the iPhone or removed the Uber app.

When an Apple technician discovered this, Cook invited Kalanick to Apple’s Cupertino headquarters and said, “Uber violates Apple’s privacy rules. If Uber continues to run the system, I will remove it from the store.” Apple is strictly prohibited from tracking iPhone users.

NYT reported that Kalanick did not let anything get in his way to achieve the goal since it was founded in 2010.

Uber has operated an illegal program called ‘Grayball’ that allow users to avoid traffic police in the US, South Korea, Australia, and other countries. It also developed a program called ‘Hell’ to find out the information of the drivers who were driving both in Uber and its competitor, Lyft and gave the driver incentives to use only Uber apps, which led to a drop in Lyft utilization.

The NYT has pointed out that Kalanick has used the technique of publicly ignoring rules and norms, and then backtracking them when they get in the way.

On the other hand, Uber has also reached an extreme conflict of autonomous navigation technology with Google Waymo.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that Google Waymo demanded to exclude a core member (Levandowski) of the Uber-autonomous driving project, which was suspected of taking Google’s autonomous driving technology.

Levandowski set up Otto after leaving Google and Uber bought the company for $680 million. Waymo claimed that he had downloaded more than 14,000 files in December 2015 by accessing a server that was highly confidential. The most important issue in this case is Google’s LiDAR (laser radar) sensor. Weymo sees this core technology leaked through Levandowski.

If Levandowski cannot participate in the autonomous driving project in the future, it is highly likely to cause a serious hindrance to Uber’s autonomous driving business.

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