The World Scrambles For AI Talent Recruitment

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a key axis of the 4th industrial revolution and the war for recruiting AI talent is accelerating. Especially in the United States where global IT companies are gathering, competition is fierce. Amazon is investing $227.8 million a year in recruiting AI talent.

“The AI talent war is resuming,” said Forbes, a business analyst on the 18th. According to ‘Paysa,’ a career professional platform,  an analysis of the job listings that US employers are seeking to hire shows that the top 20 AI job recruitment agencies spend about $ 650 million annually.

“The demand for AI talent in the market is much bigger than we expected,” said Chris Bolte, chief executive officer of Paysa. “The most exciting thing is that Amazon and Google’s investments are overwhelming.”

“The most hungry company to recruit AI talent is Amazon, which is investing $ 227.9 million annually at its Seattle headquarters, bringing in 1178 jobs for AI specialists,” Forbes said. Amazon’s artificial intelligence secretary, Alexa, is also the result of Amazon’s AI strategy projected. But Amazon tries to utilize AI in all areas of its business as well as artificial intelligence secretaries.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos recently emphasized the importance of AI and machine learning through an annual shareholder letterhead. “Machine learning is a key part of the algorithm for many tasks, such as demand forecasting, product search rankings, product and trade recommendations, product placement, fraud tracking and translation,” he said. “Much of what we do is based on machine learning.

Google is the next big player in AI talent. Google is investing an average of $ 131 million in recruiting AI talent. It has been revealed that 563 jobs have been announced for the past year.

Microsoft, Nvidia, Facebook, Intel, Rocket Fuel, GE, Cylance and Oculus were the top places to hire next to Amazon and Google.

Forbes said, “The biggest surprise in Paysa’s data is that Apple has no presence among the top names recruiting AI talent. Apple comes in way down at number 98 on Paysa’s list. This low placement on the list may likely be due to Apple’s extreme secrecy, a fact that puts off many AI researchers.” AI research is done through constant collaboration and sharing between developers and researchers, which is not compatible with Apple’s mood.

Matt Zeiler, CEO of Clarifai, a machine learning research company, introduced his experience with IT companies. “Apple does not talk to each other about the other teams, it’s a strange atmosphere,” he said. Matt Zeiler is an active recruitment proposal from Google and Facebook, but rejects all proposals and has set himself up as a corporate Clarifai.

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