Samsung Considering Galaxy Note 7 Refurbishment Sales

Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Note 7, which shook the smartphone market in 2016 as a result of battery flaws, recall, and early discontinuation, seems to come back to consumers after the ‘Surgery.’

The Galaxy Note 7, first released on August 19 last year, was rated highly in terms of design, function, and performance, but some of its products were shocked by a battery explosion that caused a worldwide shock. Samsung Electronics has suspended its sales, recalled, and exchanged items for improvement, but it failed to resolve the problem completely, and eventually announced early termination and refund on October 11th.

This resulted in the collection of more than 2 million Galaxy Note 7 globally. Samsung Electronics is said to have more than 4 million Galaxy Note 7 when it can not sell and store it. The market was paying attention to how to handle Galaxy Note 7, which was kept in the warehouse.

On March 27, Samsung Electronics announced its handling of Galaxy Note 7 products through its head office announcement. It is first used as a refurbished phone for sale, rental phone, etc. 2. It extracts reusable parts, sells them, and utilizes them. 3. It provides environment-friendly treatment such as extracting metal materials.

One of the most noteworthy treatments is the first plan to sell it as a refurbished product. Refurbishment refers to repackaging and reorganization. Refurbished products that have been recovered due to initial defects, remodeled products made by customers, products damaged in appearance, etc. are sold again and are called refurbish products.

At the launch meeting of Samsung Galaxy S8 on July 13, CEO Dong-Jin Kim of the wireless division of Samsung Electronics said, “We are considering about selling Galaxy Note 7’s refurbishment.”

However, specifics on the Galaxy Note 7 refurbishment sales have not been disclosed. The Galaxy Note 7 Refurbish product, which was originally a 3500mAh battery, seems to have reduced its battery capacity to 3200mAh, according to a picture of the Vietnamese outflow from the Internet. As the battery was the cause of the defect, it can be assumed that this part has been improved. For reference, there is Samsung Electronics’ smartphone production base in Vietnam.

There is no publicity about whether there are any changes other than the battery, and when, in which country, and for what price. Due to the nature of the refurbishment product, it is almost certainly cheaper than the original price.

Although the battery has been defective, the design and performance of the Galaxy Note 7 itself have been well received, and it is not at a loss compared to the latest smartphones sold today. The Galaxy Note 7 refurbishment product can be criticized if it is too expensive, but if it is too cheap, it could affect the sales of other new products such as the Galaxy S8. Samsung Electronics is deeply concerned about the treatment of Galaxy Note 7.

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