Russia Stops Mandatory Google App Installation On Android Phones

The practice of forcing Google to install its search engine, web browser, and other apps into Android phone makers has been banned. The Russian government has imposed penalties on Google for violating antitrust laws and has not allowed manufacturers to enforce it. It is noteworthy that such a decision by Russia will affect other countries such as Korea, which are in similar controversy.

“Google has agreed with the Russian government not to impose mandatory Google apps on smartphone makers that have adopted the Android operating system,” said The Verge, a technology news and media network. “they have to pay a fine up to 7.8 million dollars.”

Google has decided to offer a Chrome widget that allows users of Russian Android phones to choose a different search engine rather than Google. Google and the Russian government say the decision is a “consensus,” but the interpretation is that Google is actually getting a white flag on Russian regulators.

Russian search engine Yandex asked the Russian government to investigate Google’s antitrust violations two years ago. Yandex is a Russian native portal similar to Naver in Korea and Baidu in China.

“Yandex search engine share has fallen sharply as Google’s search engine has been installed on Android phones, which account for 86% of the Russian smartphone market,” said Yandex, “Google is trying to prevent its competitor apps from being installed. It is an obvious antitrust violation.”

The Verge reported “We have been the biggest beneficiary because Yan Dex has been able to negotiate with Android phone makers to install their apps.”

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