Now Galaxy S8 Sees Random Rebooting Issue

The claim that the Galaxy S8 suddenly reboots comes from consumers.

According to the industry on the 30th, “XDA-Developers Android Forums” is getting posts of appealing users.

Users who use the ID “Gekidami” on the XDA Forums’ bulletin board say, “Suddenly a strange screen is displayed and reboots,” the user said. “This problem is happening in safe mode and does not seem to be caused by an application problem.”

The reason for the reboot has not yet been clarified. Some people point out that they are related to biometrics. If you use fingerprint recognition and face recognition at the same time, your smartphone may lock up.

Other users say that the Galaxy S8 will not turn on when it is rebooted with insufficient power. The person argued that the problem appeared to be caused by ‘always on display.’ Another Galaxy S8 user has a lot of guesses such as whether the product conflicts with the micro SD card.

Even users who use ‘Lazazy’ ID on the Samsung Forum say, “I have been using the Galaxy S8 for 10 hours, and it has been rebooted 7 times. Rebooting was happening even though I only used Samsung apps such as camera and Samsung theme. It did not matter whether it was charging or not.”

The problem is that many communities are claiming that this problem is happening. Galaxy S8 some models already have some issues that look red on the screen so it was controversial. There was also a problem with WiFi connection.

In the second half of last year, Samsung Electronics, which had early termination of ‘Galaxy Note 7′ due to serious product defect, had to take back customers’ trust with Galaxy S8. Samsung Electronics rushed to update the software to solve problems such as red-tinted display screens. However, defects in products are still being pointed out.

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