Nintendo Decides to Discontinue NES Classic

The NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) classical discontinuance was confirmed.

“Nintendo decided to discontinue the NES Classic, which was launched in November last year, in North America in six months,” said VentureBeat, an online technology news platform. Nintendo’s decision is a big disappointment for gamers.

The NES Classic Edition, which was released in 1985 and restored to the small size of NES as a synonym for the 8-bit game console and then sold 30 classic games, became a big topic for gamers. The NES Classic Edition, which was released only in the US and Japan, was sold out at the same time as it was released at a low price of $60.

NES Classic Edition’ features 30 classic games including Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Pac-Man, Castlevania, and Double Dragon, stimulating memories of gamers in their 30s.

The NES Classic Edition is not just a memorable arm, but the design is upgraded to match the current specifications, and the USB port cable is used for the power source and the latest HDMI terminal is used for connecting to the TV. Not only that the quality of the picture became clear, and it took memories and performance at the same time.

Despite the tremendous popularity, Nintendo said, “The NES Classic Edition is not a product that is intended to be sold in the first place.” Nintendo has supplied additional quantities since its initial out of stock, but will not be able to supply additional NES Classic editions in North America after April. In the Japanese market, the discontinuation of ‘NES Classic Edition’ has not been decided yet, but it seems to be a step toward discontinuance.

Nintendo plans to discontinue the NES Classic Edition and focus on the latest console like Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS.

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