Next iPhone May Have Fingerprint Reader On the Back

According to Phone Arena and Apple insider, disclosed the possibility of the iPhone 8 displaying fingerprint recognition touch ID sensor on the back, unveiling the iPhone 8 rendering image, which is floating in China’s Weibo.

This is similar to the model, which was introduced a few days ago as a “leaked new iPhone design drawing”. The iPhone d in this design drawing had a fingerprint sensor on the back. That’s why the iPhone 8, the 10th anniversary of Apple’s iPhone, is said to add fingerprint recognition to the back of the Galaxy S8.

“If the iPhone 8 is equipped with an OLED display, it will change not only battery life, but also related technologies,” said Appleinsider. “Apple has been successful with best-in-class fingerprint recognition technology, however, if fingerprint recognition technology does not go back, the fundamental fingerprint recognition technology should change.”

This means that if the iPhone 8 is equipped with an OLED display, it will not be able to use fingerprint recognition from the front with the existing Touch ID method. The industry expects fingerprint recognition through a front-screen, but current technology is not going to deliver satisfactory results.

OLED screen assembly is relatively thinner than LCD display. But the problem is the glass cover that covers the outside. Since the glass thickness is five times thicker than before, it is not easy to send fingerprint images to the touch ID sensor. The image resolution is reduced and the error value can be increased from 5 times to 15 times that of the current touch ID method.

Increasing the touch ID error will affect security. This could also affect Apple Pay, which could lead complaints not only to Apple but also to the banking industry. This is why the Galaxy S8 abandoned the front display fingerprint recognition and opted for rear one.

Apple, however, is known to have a patent on a touch sensor that uses an electrostatic lens array. If you use a lens between the designated touch area and the sensor under the thicker glass, the image can be transmitted without distortion to the built-in sensor under the front display.

Apple is famous for not launching until the product is perfect. As such, Apple may not release it until the advanced touch ID feature is created that recognizes all user fingerprints through the front display. Even if the iPhone 8 rolls out this year, it may not have a fingerprint sensor on the back of the iPhone.

Meanwhile, in March, Taiwan Media DIGI Times reported that Apple will develop and provide a new fingerprint authentication solution for iPhone 8. The paper said that in 2015, Apple acquired a lot of patents on fingerprint recognition and touch screen technology owned by Privaris, a biometric security technology company.


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