Naver Challenges Global Cloud Big 4

Naver has challenged leading global cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Microsoft, and IBM. In the next two years, Naver said to become a global top-five cloud technology company.

Although Naver is late to enter the global cloud market, it is planning to launch a global market based on know-how acquired by operating Naver, Line, and Snow services in a stable manner in the cloud environment. There is a growing interest in what Naver will achieve in the face of the fourth round of consolidation in the global market.

The Naver Business Platform (NBP), a subsidiary of Naver, announced on Monday that it will open a cloud service called “Naver Cloud Platform” at a press conference at Teheranlo Capital Tower in Seoul. NBP CEO Park Won-ki said, “The biggest competitiveness of the Naver Cloud platform is that it combines business know-how and the latest technology, which is directly related to search, mail, messenger, video, and more.”

NBP first introduces over 30 basic infrastructure products such as computing, data, security and network. After that, we will add 4 ~ 5 new products every month. In addition, the company plans to build a region (data center) to support domestic companies to enter the global market. Currently, the region is in operation in South Korea, Singapore, and the western United States, and plans to have six regions in total starting from Hong Kong to Germany and Japan next year.

Park said, “We will continue to expand the region and global service products to support the global expansion of Korean companies. We will be able to secure coverage at the global operator level within the third quarter of this year.”

In addition to basic cloud services, NBP plans to provide services such as artificial intelligence (AI), speech recognition, speech synthesis, and maps that Naver is developing from June this year. NBP plans to raise the price of its cloud services to the level of technology similar to that of global operators while maintaining price competitiveness. Park said, “We will provide services at competitive prices than global operators such as AWS and Microsoft. We will grow into the top five cloud technology companies within the next two years.”

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