Microsoft’s Gmail-Specific Features Are Available In Windows Insider

Windows 10 will also be able to seamlessly use Google Gmail. Microsoft said last week that and some of its other Outlook app features will also be available for Gmail accounts. However, these functions are only available in Windows 10.

The added features work with Windows 10 mail and calendar programs. In other words, Gmail users will not be able to use add-on features such as inbox focus, travel and home delivery tracking outside of a Windows 10 device. Microsoft said it will add “fast and improved search” to Gmail via the mail app. The new features will be available for testing in Windows Insider over the coming weeks. It was not known when it would be released as a formal function.

There is also a claim that inbox by Gmail on Windows 10 is a filtering function and nothing else. Inbox by Gmail is an entirely different filtered interface from Gmail, but it is a common inbox that users can easily adapt to their functions.

Microsoft said users must grant permission to sync email, calendar, and contacts to the original drive. At this time, users are asked to use the new function at least twice. In the blog, Microsoft said, “You’ll know the new experience is available for your account when you are prompted to update your Gmail account settings.” Even if you do not approve this first message, you will see the second message again after a few weeks.

The mail app on Windows 10 started to offer the right features for Gmail, but in fact, Gmail already has its own search functions, and the user schedule and courier tracking that Microsoft has added to these features have come to the basics of Gmail over the years. Among the new Windows 10 features for Gmail, the ‘Focused Inbox’, which delivers important messages to your inbox, is worth noting.

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