Microsoft Says Goodbye to ‘Windows Vista’

Microsoft is ending support for Windows Vista operating system in 10 years. Windows 7, which has the largest number of users, supports the service only until January 2020.

According to sources including The Verge, Microsoft will stop supporting for Windows Vista Service Pack (SP2). When service support is terminated, major security support such as vulnerability is stopped.

Windows Vista is the OS released by Microsoft in 2007 as the next version of Windows XP. Windows Vista was quickly blamed for compatibility, security issues, etc., and it lost its box office. In MS history, it was not considered enough to be regarded as a ‘non-operating OS’. Microsoft was quick to fill Windows Vista with a new release of Windows 7.

Users’ complaints about the termination of Windows Vista support will not be significant. OS market research firm Stat Counter reported that Windows Vista share was 1.07 percent in PC OS last month. It has a lower share of Windows XP (5.47%) than the previous support (2014). The domestic situation is similar. Korea’s share of Windows Vista is 0.39%. Windows XP is 4.05%, twice as high as Windows 8 (2.1%).

Microsoft will end support for Windows 7 in January 2020 after Windows Vista support ends. The share of Windows 7 is 47.06%, the highest among Windows OS. Windows 10 (34.25%) followed, but users are confused by the end of Windows 7 support after three years. Korea’s share of Windows 7 is 53.4%, which is higher than the global average. It is necessary to prepare for the end of support.

On that day, Microsoft released a Windows 10 update that added 3D-based “Paint 3D” to paint, “Beam” to send game screens in real time, and “Remote Lock” to automatically lock the device. An official in Korea said, “There is no protest or inquiry about the shutdown of Windows Vista.”

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