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Microsoft Introducing New CMA Service

If you are an IT professional preparing for a cloud transition, you might be interested in a new offer from Microsoft. Microsoft recently released its Cloud Migration Assessment (CMA) service. Analyze your current IT resources and calculate how they change when you switch to the cloud.

This service is part of the Azure Hybrid Use Benefit (AHUB). This allows existing software assurance (SA) Windows server licenses to be applied to virtual machines running on Microsoft’s cloud. In other words, customers pay only the basic price for the computer resources they use.

Previously, only companies with Microsoft Enterprise Agreements (EA) licenses received discounts but starting April 12, anyone can apply through the Azure Management Portal.

This move is part of Microsoft’s efforts to move enterprise customers’ on-premises server workloads to Azure Public Cloud. To this end, Microsoft has long been focused on developing tools for hybrid clouds.

“In recent years, there has been an increasing number of companies talking about hybrid clouds and a key to corporate IT strategy,” says Julia White, vice president of marketing at Microsoft. Now, hybrids are a migration tool There is a growing demand for.

The CMA tool allows you to manually access your current computer networking and storage resources. Alternatively, you can configure the usage information to your liking or automatically generate it with the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAPT) and export it to an Excel file.

The final result is in graph form. This allows users to see how much they are willing to pay for running the data center and to compare the cost of running the same workload on the server. If you already have cost information related to your environment, you can enter it instead of estimating and calculating it.

To use this service, the user must enter his name, contact name, company name, and so on. Microsoft will use this information to improve its services. It can also connect directly with partners who will support the actual migration work, if necessary. White said, “Many companies are doing this, and we also aim to connect the right suppliers.”

In addition to launching a new service, Microsoft will soon update its Azure Site Recovery migration tool. This makes it easier to receive AHUB discounts when migrating from other environments. This will make it easier to move Windows Server virtual machines from the AWS or on-premises hardware to Azure, making it an incentive to promote the transition to a hybrid cloud.

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