Microsoft Introduces New Office 365 With AI Function

Microsoft Korea on Monday unveiled its Office 365 for business use, which features artificial intelligence and collaboration capabilities. At the same time, it said it will launch its data center in Korea for the sixth time in the world.

Office 365, with the addition of new features, is an enterprise version. PowerPoint, Excel, and word processor, as well as collaborations such as Teams and Delve, and AI enhanced products.

In the case of PPT, a new feature called ‘designer’ automatically analyzes inserted images and text and automatically suggests different types of templates. Users can complete a nice PPT with just a few clicks. It significantly shortens the time to build PPT, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

‘Teams’ is the first feature added, and it is largely a collaboration tool that supports 1: 1 chat and group chat functions between users. Utilizing ‘Business for Skype’ chat and group chat capabilities, Teams can easily collaborate on the team by sharing the screen itself or adding bots beyond simple file sharing. Microsoft said Outback is already using Teams to discuss and collaborate with managers from over 70 stores across the country.

‘Delve’ works in conjunction with Office 365. Analyzes the user’s usage pattern and prepares the initial screen for expected data. You can reduce the time you search or skim through folders. This feature leverages the results of Microsoft’s analysis of billions of user data, and similar functionality has been added to many of the programs in Office 365. If you create charts based on past data in Excel, you can chart current and future forecasts.

With regard to the announcement of new products, Hyun Kyung Yoo, MS Korea director said, “The decline in productivity due to information overload is a global phenomenon,” she continued, “Our goal is to achieve “Reinventing Productivity” through AI function that efficiently filters and relocates information.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft has opened its data center in Korea, the sixth in the world, and is in official operation. Data centers are an integral part of the cloud era, and in most cases their physical location need not be that country. However, certain information, such as personal medical or financial information, may not be allowed to leave the territory of the country concerned under applicable law. Microsoft hopes to attract more customers who have been reluctant to use the Microsoft cloud service for the above reasons, by installing a Korean data center.

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