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Medias Escaping from Facebook Instant News

Media companies began escaping from Instant News, a Facebook news service platform.

Digiday said on Friday that the major newspapers, including The New York Times, Forbes and Quartz, were losing traffic to facebook instant articles and adversely affecting profitability.

The New York Times reported that posting a New York Times article in link form on Facebook in the fall test showed a better return than an instant article.

“If you link directly to a Facebook instant article, you are more likely to join the New York Times,” said Kinsey Wilson, vice president and technical director of New York Times.

Even media such as Little Things, which have a Facebook visitor rate of 80%, supply only 20% of the total articles to instant articles.

Hearst, renowned with magazine Cosmopolitan, was excited about participating in an instant article two years ago, but he withdrew the service saying “it has no effect on revenue generation.”

Forbes and Quartz, the business medium, no longer offer instant article services. Forbes has experimentally participated in last year, but the effect is minimal. “There was a lot of money in terms of revenue,” said Louise DeBunk, a Forbes CPO.

Condé Nast, which publishes fashion magazines such as Elle, Bazaar, and Esquire, also has a very low use of instant articles to attract readers to its Web site.

Instant articles have been pointed out that they are closed from the media because they do not support outlinks to the mobile article platform on Facebook, which was launched in 2015 to allow Facebook users to use various content for a longer time. Particularly, there is criticism that the profit generation is not very helpful and the media are questioning the benefits of participating in the instant article.

Facebook has become more and more resilient as Facebook, which is dominating the online advertising market with Google, is becoming more and more intent on blocking media in a closed framework.

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