Marissa Mayer Will Still Get $186 Million From Yahoo

Even if Yahoo sells its core Internet business to Verizon after five years of confusion, Yahoo ‘s CEO, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, is expected to get paid more than $186 million.

New York Times said on Tuesday that she would receive $ 186 million in compensation from Yahoo, according to a letter to shareholders on Yahoo’s deal with Verizon.

This is based on the closing price of Yahoo stock on the 24th, which is 48.15 dollars per share, which is the value of stocks, stock options, and restricted stocks received by the CEO. Except for the salaries and bonuses that Mayer has received over the past five years and shares already sold.

The fact that Yahoo is selling its core business means that Mayer’s management has failed.

However, the reason for the increase in compensation for Mayor’s CEO is that Yahoo’s share price has risen sharply in the last five years.

Yahoo’s e-mail, news, search, and other core Internet businesses have stagnated even after they Mayer took the CEO position, but fortunately they have been successful in the investment sector.

Yahoo ‘s China e – commerce company Alibaba has a stake worth $ 44 billion. Yahoo has a $ 9.5 billion stake in Yahoo Japan, which is a joint venture with Softbank.

In March 2015, the company bought 2.3 million shares of Snap, the most notable company in Silicon Valley, for $ 10.86 per share. The current share price of Snap, which made an IPO in March of this year, was $ 21.20, and the value of Yahoo’s equity stood at $ 94 million.

As a result, Mayer’s share price has risen 208 per cent in five years since CEO Michael left the company in January.

Yahoo plans to turn its name to “Altaba” by bundling the rest of its business after it sells its Internet business, and is likely to sell Yahoo Japan and its stake in Alibaba.

Meanwhile, Yahoo shareholders will decide on whether to sell their core Internet business to Verizon, the largest US carrier, on June 8, with $ 4.48 billion.

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