LG Releases New Home IoT Devices

LG Electronics will showcase three home IoT devices and accelerate smart home market penetration.

LG Electronics announced that it released ‘Air Station’ and ‘Solar Cell Humidity Sensor’ which help indoor air management as well as ‘SmartThinQ Hub 2.0.’

The SmartThinQ Hub 2.0 (model name: AIHC71G), an elongated cylindrical speaker shaped, features artificial intelligence to communicate with the user.

It is a newer version of ‘SmartThinQ Hub’ introduced last year that adds natural language processing through voice speech recognition.

‘Smart Thinking Hub 2.0′ makes it easy to operate home appliances and show the status by voice only. For example, if the user says “start washing”, the washing machine starts working immediately, and when users ask “when is the laundry finished?” then it responses “20 minutes left.”

Users can easily check various information such as weather, schedule, etc. through SmartThinQ Hub 2.0. Also, while you connect it to a smartphone via Bluetooth and listen to the music, you can adjust the A/C wind strength or temperature without using the remote control by voice order.

LG also released two new home IoT devices, including the Air Station (model: AIAC71W) and the Solar Cell Temperature and Humidity Sensor (model name: AITC71W), which allow indoor air quality to be effectively managed.

These products monitor the indoor air condition in real time and help to maintain a comfortable indoor environment by recommending operation of the product in conjunction with LG electronic air conditioner and air purifier.

“We will lead the era of smart home by continuing to introduce LG’s unique home IoT devices that consumers can easily use,” said Song Dae-hyun, president of LG Electronics’ H & A business division.

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