LG G6 begins smartphone pre-sales in Russia

LG Electronics announced today that LG G6, a strategic smartphone, will be launched in six countries in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

LG Electronics recently held a media event at the gadget studio in Moscow and introduced the LG G6 to the local area.

LG Electronics said it was attended by about 200 media reporters from over 60 media and responded with a durable “full vision” display that minimized the bezel (border) of the LG G6.

According to LG Electronics, “APDA.RU”, a local IT professional media, selected LG G6 as “Best design product” by saying, “The full vision that fills the thin bezel and the front part conveys the wonderful beauty that was not seen in previous smartphones.” Russia’s state-run broadcaster RUSSIA24 tested the fall of the LG G6, highlighting its durability.

In Russia and CIS, electronic merchants, not mobile operators, sell smartphones. LG Electronics has emphasized that Korea has been concentrating on securing a major distribution network because its land area is 170 times larger than the domestic market.

“We will lead the premium phone market in this region with high potential,” said Lee Il-hwan, managing director of LG Electronics Russia and CIS regional representative.

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