Is Apple Developing AR Glasses?

Apple has again raised speculation that it is developing eyeglasses using Augmented Reality (AR). This is evidenced by a recent accident report from Apple.

Major IT medias cited the Japanese media “Gizmodo,” which received a safety incident document that says a prototype of Apple caused vision problems for Apple employees and reported this prototype could be an AR eyewear.

“The accident report written by Apple’s health officer was accidentally sent to hundreds of Apple employees and leaked out,” Gizmodo said. More than 70 different incidents were recorded in the report. t also includes information about Apple’s new technology that has been developed with thorough security.

According to a safety incident reported on Feb. 21, an employee at Apple’s De Anza office in Cupertino, CA, appealed for eye pain after testing an unnamed prototype. The employee was subsequently consulted by a physician and the prototype was kept separate for inspection. On March 2, another employee appealed for eye pain after using the new prototype.

Both were accidents that occurred during laser device testing. The report did not say how much those employees were injured.

The AR glasses are expected to be able to follow the wearer’s eye direction through the laser tracking device. The AR glasses can select and operate various functions according to these eye directions. Therefore, media such as Gizmodo think that leaked documents may be related to AR glasses development.

However, the relationship with other technology development can not be denied. AppleInsider and others said it may be a process of testing other vision technologies such as ‘iris scanning’ or ‘3D face recognition’ that can be mounted on the iPhone 8.

Google, a competitor to Apple’s IT industry, has begun to market AR glasses and smart glasses early on. Google launched ‘Google Glass’ in 2012. Commercialization of Google Glass has been suspended, but it is trying to gain an advantage in AR ecosystem by developing AR platform ‘Tango’.

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