Intel Developer Forum Disappears into History

Intel has announced that it will no longer host the Intel Developer Forum (IDF), an annual developer event. As a result, IDF2017, which was scheduled to be held in San Francisco in August, was canceled naturally.

IDF, which was first launched in 1997, was a place to introduce new products from Intel. It was held twice in spring and autumn, followed by events in China, Taiwan, Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands and Japan to keep pace with globalization trends. The first and last IDF in Korea was held in 2006.

Intel canceled the IDF program and did not give specific reasons. However, anyone could have predicted that IDF’s market got narrowed as the keyword “personal computer” disappeared in the so-called “Virtuous Cycle of Growth” strategy.

Depending on the field, the events held regularly by specific companies in the semiconductor market are gradually diminishing. Samsung Electronics and Qualcomm and NXP (Freescale) are the same. Of course, if there is an overwhelming advantage in the market or if it needs a big event for customers, companies still prefer to run their own event.

But for Intel, the story is a bit different. Intel has also created its own electronic design automation (EDA) tool for semiconductor design, as well as it provides a wide range of products and services across all areas of information and communication technology (ICT) such as data centers, cloud, drones, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), 5G mobile communication, Internet of Things (IoT), and so on. Therefore, it is difficult to say that the PC era has been abolished and the IDF has not been eliminated due to the difficulty of maintaining ‘Moore’s Law’.

What is certain is that the efficiency of the IDF event has not been the same since each industry is converging. Intel is a company that builds a positive ecosystem, but it does not have its own independent industry. For example, Intel products may play a decisive role in a product, but Intel does not manufacture or sell the product itself. It means that it is not a company that sells notebooks or servers.

In this regard, IDF had a definite point of “computing” in the meantime. But now, the commoditization of the industry (generalization or equalization of products, identification) is common, and the combination or intersection of different industries becomes natural.

In the industry, Intel seems to be planning a new annual event instead of IDF. However, it is expected to focus on small forms suitable for each field.

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