Instagram Adds ‘Disappearing’ Video In Chat Window

New features have been added to the Instagram. Instagram said in an official blog that it will directly apply the “disappearance function” of the direct message on April 11.

Instagram has released a feature in November last year that will send pictures and video messages that disappear when read. However, apart from the text chat window, new pictures and videos were displayed in the blue ring at the top of the message box. After reading the message, the user had to reply by clicking on the user’s profile picture to send the direct.

The updated Instagram Direct Message feature now integrates the ‘disappear’ feature into the existing Direct Message Box. Text messages, photos, and videos that are permanently exchanged in a friend or group chat room work the same way. When you send a message by specifying a chat room, you can also know the name of the person who checked the image. You will be notified if the recipient has taken a screenshot.

The operation method of the Instagram is as follows. Press the blue camera button at the bottom of the direct message screen to take a picture. You can also import photos or videos from existing albums. Then press the arrow buttons to send them to a friend or group of friends. The disappear function message in the dialog is highlighted in blue.

Unfortunately, not all Instagram users in the world are included from the update. The update of Instagram’s Direct Message disappearing feature will be gradually extended globally.

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