IBM Watson Selectively Re-edits Only The Main Scene Of Videos

IBM announced today that it will launch a new concept cloud service featuring IBM Watson at the National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB Show), a show for broadcast equipment in Las Vegas, US.

The content enrichment service, which will be released later this year, will analyze video in depth through Watson’s cognitive capabilities and extract metadata such as keywords, concepts, visual images, tone and emotional context. It is a unique service that uses various AI functions such as language, concept, emotion, and visual analysis to extract key information.

When used in sports broadcasting, basketball contents containing funny or exciting scenes based on language, emotion, and image can be found more quickly and organized as a package. It can work with advertisers to promote the scene clip to the fans before the playoff game.

In the past, someone had to manually review videos one by one to sort and categorize scenes, but now you can get to each of the scenes faster to attract viewers and advertisers, and you can quickly campaign.

This new service can be used to reconfigure specific scenes in TV shows broadcasted over many years, and advertisers can use them to associate brands with specific moments, such as when a family eats dinner together or drives a car.

The service will use a variety of Watson APIs including Tone Analyzer, Personality Insights, and Natural Language Understanding Visual Recognition.

In addition, new IBM research techniques are used to analyze the data generated by Watson and classify the video into logical scenes based on the semantic clues of the content. This feature provides an in-depth understanding of content and context beyond what is available in the current marketplace to identify scenes.

Demonstrating IBM’s continued commitment to integrating AI with the IBM cloud, this allows media and entertainment companies to understand unstructured data and make smarter decisions about what content they create and deliver to their viewers.

“With the enormous increase in multi-screen content and viewing options, M & E companies have had to change the way they develop and deliver content in order to respond to changing viewing patterns,” said Steve Canepa, general manager of IBM Global Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment Industry. “We are creating new cognitive solutions that allow M & E companies to find in-depth insights, view content from different perspectives, and make smarter decisions.”

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