Google Will Add Ad-Blocking Feature To All Chrome

Google has maintained a negative stance on ad blocking. It is said that Google is planning to add it as a basic feature to Chrome browser.

Given that Google is an absolute source of revenue for advertisers, it is said that the addition of the “ad blocking” feature is quite unusual.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday that Google plans to add ad blocking functionality to its Chrome browser. Ad blocking will work with Chrome for mobile as well as web versions.

Of course, you can already use ad blocking on your Chrome browser. You can use extensions to block ads.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the ad-blocking feature, which was an “extension”, was upgraded to a “basic feature” of the Chrome browser. If so, the ad blocking function is applied even if the users do not make any special efforts.

The newly introduced advertisement blocking function blocks the online advertisements that provide bad experiences to the users.

Google is said to be filtering out ads that the “Coalition for Better Ads” defines as “bad ads.” “Coalition for Better Ads” define pop-ups, auto-plays, and prestigious ads as typical “bad ads.”

Coalition for Better Ads is an organization that is designed to empower problems in the advertising market and enforces standards for online advertising. The group is also working with media companies such as Facebook, News Corp., and other major advertisers as well as Google.

If the report is true, it means that if the site is classified as a site that sends out a dirty advertisement, the advertisement of the chrome browser is likely to be blocked at all.

Google is a company that accounts for the absolute portion of advertising revenue. As a result, it may seem incongruous that Chrome’s default ad-blocking feature is built-in.

The Wall Street Journal said, “This is a defensive measure.”

The spread of advertising-related tools is spreading rapidly, so you can not just leave it. According to the Wall Street Journal, 26 percent of US users have ad blocking software installed on their desktop PCs.

In this situation, it means that the addition of the “ad blocking function” as a basic function of the chrome browser has a function of nullifying the growth of the “third party tools”.

“The steady increase in the use of ad blocking tools is certainly a concern for Google,” the Wall Street Journal said. According to the newspaper, Google last year hit $ 60 billion in online ad sales.

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