Google Stops ‘Nexus’ and ‘Pixel’ Security Update

When will smartphones get a death sentence? When LCD is broken? When you have an incurable virus? When OS update is broken? no. It is when the security patch is discontinued. Google announced the suspension of its Android patches for its smartphones ‘Nexus’ and ‘Pixel’, along with the suspension of security patch updates.

According to Droid Life on April 27th, Google released Android and security patch update suspention schedule on Nexus and Pixel through its customer center page. Google said it had scheduled a halt to its Android update last year, but this is the first time to announce that a security update will be discontinued.

Google said of Nexus and Pixel, “device that three years older than more from the first sale or 18 months or older since it’s first purchase will receive security patch. No further updates can be guaranteed after that.” For Android version updates, you are guaranteed at least two years from the date of sale. After the two years, no further updates can be guaranteed.

If the security patch is interrupted, it can not be protected from viruses and hacking problems. Since smartphones contain sensitive personal information such as privacy and financial transactions, the suspension of security patches is a death sentence for smartphones. Below is a detailed schedule of Android version updates and security patches for the Pixel and Nexus line.




Pixel, released last October, is a Google-made smartphone. It is different from the Nexus series that was produced by other makers that it was designed and built directly by Google. It was released in ‘Pixel’ and ‘Pixel XL’ depending on size. Unlike the Nexus series, which is close to the entry level specification, it features a flagship premium specification. Google plans to release second-generation Pixels this year.

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