Google Launches Virtual Reality Service on Web

Google has launched a page where users can enjoy Virtual Reality (VR) on the Web.

Google has released a page called “Web VR Experiment” on the 13th and has provided a place for both mobile users and PC users to enjoy VR content.

This allows users to experience VR content through an Internet browser without having to install a separate application.

Currently, the Web VR expiration site ( contains free content such as Google’s table tennis game, “forest of music” and donut game. However, you can enjoy it only on the smartphone of the Android operating system (OS). IOS, the iPhone OS, is not yet supported.

If you have a cardboard, you can enjoy Google’s VR page more realistically. The cardboard is a VR headset that Google simply designed using a board. It is designed to put a cell phone in it and to experience VR through a lens.

The cardboard can be made simple and can be purchased at a low price of about 3000 won on the Internet. Google has set aside content for cardboard on the Web VR site, and announced its commitment to popularize VR.

Google has provided Web VR projects as open source code to make it easier for developers to access VR content.

Google ‘s Daydream platform will also continue to emerge. Google added VR to Chrome in February and released Daydream content on its Web page.

Daydream is Google’s platform that combines Android OS with VR mode. In November of last year, VR headset, which connects the mobile phone for Android, has been showing an ambitious step by launching Daydream View.

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