‘Google Home’ Response to Burger King Ads’ “OK Google”

Burger King is showing controversy with the Google assistant.

Burger King posted a new TV commercial yesterday, a young employee explaining Burger King’s main brand, Whopper.

“It’s not enough to explain how good Whopper Burger is at 15 seconds of ad time allowed,” he said. “I have a good idea,” he says, pointing to the camera more and saying, “OK, Google, what is the Whopper burger?”

When this voice came out through TV commercials, surprisingly many home’s ‘Google Home’ read an introduction to Whopper burger on Wikipedia. Google Home is Google’s home artificial intelligence (AI) secretary.

“Google Home is automatically responding to the word ‘OK Google’,” said Bertie, an IT professional media publisher.

“This ad was not Google’s permission. A few hours after the news, Google Home did not respond to the ad anymore. ” Google has not commented on whether or not they did this, CNET added.

“It would be very annoying for ads to flow from a TV to a personal device, but for Burger King, it was a clever trick. “We’ll see if we can compare the search results with the previous Whopper burger results.”

Forbes described the ad as “Google Assistant hijacking.” Forbes said, “There are a lot of cases where advertisements in our society are invasive in our entire life. However, this Burger King advertisement has gone too far.”

Meanwhile, shortly after the ad was released, many users took editorials on Wikipedia’s Whopper burger entry to include terms like “cancer induction,” “chocolate candy,” or “rats” and “claws”. In fact, it was reported that the edited content came through Google Home. As the rough and malicious editing continued, Wikipedia temporarily closed editing of “Whopper burger” to allow only authorized administrators to edit it.

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