Google Home Now Distinguishes Different Voices Of Multiple Users

The voices vary from person to person. Vocal cords are all made different by their length, shape, trembling, and frequency. Even if you imitate the voice of another person, you cannot hide the specific tone that an individual has. So the voice can be used as a means of distinguishing individuals. Today, Google has applied this principle to show a smarter Google home.

Google said on its official blog on April 20 that Google Home is now able to divide up to six voices and deliver timelines, music listings and commute times for each person.

New features are available for both iOS and Android. It can be activated by setting up ‘multi-user enabled’ as you open the latest application of Google Home. You can also use the button on the top right corner of the application to connect to your account and use the voice feature.

Google Home learns, analyzes and compares human voices in milliseconds through artificial intelligence networks. When you link your account to Google Home, Google Home recognizes the voice of someone who says “OK Google” or “Hey Google.” From then on, you can connect to the network with a single “OK Google” or “Hey Google” command.

The new voice-over feature of Google Home is a priority for the US and will be expanded to the UK in a few months.

It’s not just Google that offers these services. Amazon s voice recognition service “Alexa,” as well as SK Telecom “Nugu” is also considering the voice classification function. For Alexa, who had previously ordered toys by mistaking TV voices for people’s voices, according to Time magazine’s reference to Amazon’s internal stakeholders, Amazon has been developing voice identification tools called ‘Voice ID’ to identify users since 2015. SKT “Nugu” does not yet support this feature, but it will be developed in the future.

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