Google Earth’s Feeling Lucky Upgrades With New Features and Design

Google Earth was reborn. Google has unveiled the new Google Earth with upgraded features and design on Monday.

The most noticeable new feature is ‘3D View’. A typical satellite map shows the four-dimensional world in a two-dimensional plane. 3D views, on the other hand, have realistic and close map services with stereoscopic 3D images.

Google’s advanced search service, Knowledge Graph, has also been integrated. When you search for a place name on Google Earth, you will be provided with a “knowledge card” that shows various information related to this place. You can see the location information and useful information about the place at a glance.

A new travel guide ‘traveler’ with a focus on storytelling has also been added. It is a function that scientists and nonprofit organizations work together to create a story of world travel destinations. For example, in the ‘This is Home’ collection, you can find information on traditional houses in various parts of the country such as the Peruvian Reed House and the Jordan Tent. Google and its partners will update their content regularly with new content.

If you want to explore the world in Google Earth without searching for a certain place, you can use ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ feature. by clicking the dice button on the left side of the Google Earth screen, it will show where Google Earth is randomly recommended.

The new Google Earth can be accessed directly from the Chrome web browser without having to download the files separately. It is now easier to share the various location-based information provided by Google Earth with social network platforms. Google Earth service is also available on Chromebooks.

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