Galaxy S8 Wireless Charger Not Working?

On Tuesday, SamMobile reported that some Galaxy S8 users claimed their products were not capable of wireless charging.

A user who uses the ID “SK726wKxHC” said on the consumer web page of Samsung Electronics website, “I received the Galaxy S8 + today and connected my wife’s Samsung wireless charger, but it was not charged.”

When you look at the YouTube video, you can see that the Galaxy S8 is placed on the wireless charger but it is not charging normally. He confirmed that the wireless charger showed the genuine Samsung label and was connected normally.

An official of Samsung Electronics said, “It is confirmed that both labels and merchandise are using fake counterfeit goods.” In other words, it did not work because it used a fake wireless charger.

However, in the comments posted on this post, several Galaxy S8 users said their wireless products do not work normally. Samsung Electronics has provided wireless charging from Galaxy S6 in 2015. Because it adopts ‘Qi’ which is a wireless charging technology of magnetic induction method, it should be compatible with the previous charger. They said that there was no problem with wire charging.

It is said that such problems have not been raised in Korea yet. Some people speculate that the issue is not caused by the difference between the Galaxy S8 distributed in Korea and the Galaxy S8 distributed in the US.

“If there is a problem with the battery, we need to clarify it to the consumer and replace the current one,” SamMobile said. “If there is no battery problem, the problem will be solved through a software update.”

A Samsung official said, “There have not been any issues related to YouTube videos ye. It is difficult to confirm the rest of the comments.”

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