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Galaxy S8 Faces ‘Red LCD’ Quality Controversy

Samsung Electronics ‘Galaxy S8’ and ‘Galaxy S8 Plus’ are on the verge of a liquid crystal quality controversy the day before. Some of the consumers who bought the device by reservation purchase were complaining that the red color was too strong on the liquid crystal display. However, Samsung Electronics says it is not a product quality issue.

Samsung Electronics smartphone community forum began to receive complaints the red liquid crystal problem of new Galaxy S8. There is an article says that the repair center was found due to the problem of red liquid crystal phenomenon, but it was replaced rather than being repaired. Some users say, “The red liquid crystal phenomenon does not appear evenly on the screen, but it is severe in certain areas.” There is a lot of toxic reds around the edges of the top and bottom of the screen and around the edges on both sides. In the state of red liquid crystal phenomenon, there is a specialist point that when taking a flower with a camera, a different color may appear. Red liquid crystal display is a phenomenon that red color is expressed stronger, and it may be more irritating than original picture or image.

As similar issues continue to arise, there are suspicions that Samsung Electronics has the problem with organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) displays that have been adopted for premium smartphones. An industry official said, “Samsung Electronics is known to have adopted the technology called ‘deep red’ to match the color balance of the Galaxy S8. I am guessing that the problem causes because we are in a hurry to mass production. ”

In this regard, Samsung Electronics’s stance is that it is not a quality issue but is able to adjust its own device functions. According to Samsung Electronics, “The colors are favorable depending on the user, and the colors may look different depending on the viewing angle or environment. A certain level of color blurring can be compensated with color optimization settings. “

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