Galaxy Note 8 Growing in Expectation

Although the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S Plus have just been released, expectations for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, another flagship smartphone, are on the rise. This product is likely to be released in August.

CNET reported on Thursday that expectations for Galaxy Note 8 are growing among people who are disappointed with the Galaxy S8 series or waiting for a series of notes.

Those who dislike the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus rear fingerprint sensor, dual edge display, and the somewhat poor Bixby are waiting for Galaxy Note 8.

The media says the enhancement of the Galaxy Note 8 is the S Pen, dual-camera rear, and developed Bixby. The most anticipated improvement of the S pen function is “Bixbee button”. S pen makes it easier to use the Bixby.

The rear dual camera is also expected. According to the industry, Samsung originally planned to use the dual camera in the Galaxy S8 series, but shifted its dual camera application to the next flagship smartphone, taking a point in ‘stability’.

The media said that Bixby, which will be applied to Note 8, will be able to work with many Samsung electronics products. “Although it is underestimated than expected now, there is enough time to improve until August.”

“Galaxy S8 has had a rumor before it was released, and there is a rumor about Note 8.,”¬†media added.

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