Can Apple Release New iPhone 8 on September?

Apple is expected to be able to supply its 10th year iPhone (tentatively called the iPhone 8) after September.

In a recent investment report, Apple predicted that OLED iPhones will be released in September, as last year, but will be delayed one to two months due to production disruptions, according to KGI securities analysts and MacRumors.

Report indicates that  Apple could start mass production of the iPhone 8 in October or November. Investor Barclays also believes that the Apple iPhone 8 production will be delayed.

Analysts at Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that delays in the supply of iPhone 8 could continue into the first quarter of next year due to the delay in purchasing some parts from 3 to 6 months if purchasing demand increases significantly.

The shipments of Apple’s 2017 iPhone models are expected to decline earlier than expected. In the worst case, he predicted shipment of new models of Apple iPhone would be 80 ~ 90 million units, down 15 ~ 20% from 100 ~ 110 million originally expected.

The production disruption of the iPhone 8 is said to be due to the optimization of the OLED panel, the production of the A11 Apple chip through the new 10-nanometer process, and the upgrade of the newly changed 3D touch.

Despite these difficulties, Apple is expected to announce and release its iPhone 8 in September, similar to last year. However, due to the delay in the supply of OLED iPhones, Apple is expected to show a weak performance in the high-end premium market in the second half of this year.

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