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Boston Dynamics Introduces a Dog-like Robot, Spot

Google’s subsidiary, Boston Dynamics, will use dog-like robots in delivery services.

Marc Raibert, founder and chief executive officer of Boston Dynamics, said on Tuesday at TED 2017, a knowledge-sharing conference in Vancouver, Canada, that the robot is being tested for use in delivery services.

In the video that Raibert shows at the conference, a robot called Spot carrying parcels on the back. Spot has no head but has four legs and it looks like a dog.

“We’ve sent robots to the employees’ homes,” Raibert said. “About 70% of the robots arrived safely to the front door with their package.”

The main focus of Boston Dynamics is the development of walking robots. The company introduced a variety of robots including BigDog, LittleDog and LS3. The four-legged robot, BigDog, is 2.5 feet high, 3 feet long and weighs 240 pounds. It can carry loads of up to 340 pounds (150 kg) and can speed up to 4 miles per hour (6.4 km/h) in rugged terrain.

The company also developed a four-legged walking robot Cheetah (Wildcat) that could run at speeds of up to 28 miles per hour (45 km/h) on the ground. PETMAN (Protection Ensemble Test Mannequin) and Atlas are bipedal robots. There is also another four-legged walking robot with a long neck, Spot Mini, with hand and arm functions. A video of Spot Mini walked on the banana peel, fell over, and then woke up again, became a hot topic.

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