Bixby Voice Is Now Available

The Samsung Galaxy S8 series ‘Bixby Voice’ service will start on May 1.

Applications and functions that support ‘Bixby Voice’ are about ten, including Gallery, Calculator, Weather, Reminder, Bixby Vision, Message, Settings, Clock, Contact, Phone, and Camera.

In addition, ‘Bixby Labs’ will enable users to pre-use 10 Samsung apps including Samsung Apps, Samsung Health, Samsung Internet, and other 10 apps such as KakaoTalk, Facebook, and YouTube.

It includes a variety of content services of news, music, shopping, location information and weather. With ‘Bixby Voice’, users can perform about 3000 tasks. Bixby learned how to recognize the way millions of different users speak.

There are three ways to use ‘Bixbee Voice’. You can call ‘Bixby’ and command the desired action, or you can use the Bixby button on the left side of Galaxy S8 and S8 plus.

You can press briefly on the Bixby button to make a voice command, or press and hold longer to make a voice command and release the button to perform the desired action.

With ‘Bixby Voice’ service, users can freely cross the voice, touch, and text in any way. Apps that support ‘Bixby Voice’ will be able to use most of the touch-enabled tasks by voice command.  ‘Bixby Voice’ provides a more advanced intelligent interface, such as understanding the user’s inaccurate commands or attempting to identify the user’s intent by asking questions.

For example, when a phone call comes in, “Bixby, take the phone and put me on the speakerphone,” then Bixby take the call on speakerphone. As you search for a restaurant on the Internet with a touch, commend “c, bookmark this webpage and save it as a restaurant,” then it will save the bookmark as a restaurant. You can also check “bookmarks” or “search for restaurants in your bookmarks.” When a user views a photo in the gallery and says, “Bixby, share this photo on Facebook,” then it runs the Facebook app and uploads the photo the user saw.

‘Bixby’ is an evolving intelligent interface that utilizes artificial intelligence based on Deep Learning and provides differentiated service from artificial intelligence based on existing knowledge search.

Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + users can use Korean service through an app update. The user can confirm the update by pressing the Bixby button. Samsung Electronics will continue to expand its language and apps to support Bixby Voice in Chinese, Spanish, and other languages ​​starting with English in the beginning of the first half of the year.

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