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Apple Secretly Developing Blood Glucose Measurement Sensor

Apple is reported to be developing medical devices beyond smartphones and laptops.

CNBC reported on Wednesday that it is citing sources to develop a sensor that can monitor blood sugar by forming a secret organization of Apple’s biomedical engineers. The size of the secret organization and the location of those offices are not known exactly, but a year ago, more than 30 people were reported to be developing sensors at an office near the Palo Alto Apple headquarters in California. The development of the blood glucose check sensor was known to have been one of his “secret initiatives,” originally thought by Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs. In his lifetime, Jobs envisioned a wearable device that could check vital signs such as oxygen levels, heart rate, and blood sugar by wearing just like a smart watch.

A source said Apple is developing a light sensor that can measure blood sugar without stabbing with a needle. If the sensor is successful, it will be a milestone in diabetes treatment and life sciences, CNBC said. Many biotechnology companies have already tried to check their blood glucose levels correctly without stabbing with a needle, but they have failed. Apple’s biotechnologists are also known to have been involved in sensor-related clinical trials for at least five years. The government has also reviewed the regulatory issues, including the selection of consulting firms for approval by the medical authorities.

Johny Srouji, senior vice president of hardware technology at Apple, is reported to be working on the team and reporting on sensor development. Previously, Michael Hillman led the team. At the end of 2015, he moved to Apple headquarters for Facebook Virtual Reality (VR) devices.

Apple has already hired more than a dozen experts from biotechnology companies such as Vital Connect, Masimo Corporation, and C8 MediSensors, and it has been observed that they are starting to develop medical sensors.

Apple has not disclosed its position.

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