Apple Declares 100 Per Cent Use Of Recycled Resources

Apple’s environmental responsibility report, published on April 19, declared that it will only use 100% recycled resources for its production. It is the first time in the IT industry to introduce a ‘closed-loop supply chain’.

Traditional production methods start with mining resources. The mined resources are processed into products. The product is discarded after being used. The final destination for the product in this mode is the landfill. It is a series of processes that promote waste of resources.

Apple says its goal is to get rid of it and reuse the obsolete resources. It is a recycling-based production system that removes “resource mining” and “after-use disposal” at the beginning and the end of existing production methods and recycles and reuses existing resources.

Apple has made a variety of efforts to actualize this goal. Seventeen of the 18 websites selling Apple products have earned the Zero-Waste eco-certification from UL, an international safety agency. Liam, an iPhone disassembly robot, can also see efforts by Apple to focus on eco-friendly products. Liam is designed to quickly disassemble and break down iPhone 6 into parts to recycle and reuse more parts. Apple said Liam is the result of their recycling technology experiments and said to hope that this way of thinking would inspire the IT industry.

Greenpeace welcomed Apple’s declaration. Greenpeace said on April 20, “IT companies like Samsung, LG and Microsoft are increasing their use of recycled materials gradually, but the ratio is small, and Apple’s promise to use only 100% recycled resources is lightening.”

Greenpeace’s Lee Hyun-sook, a senior global Campaigner in East Asia, said, “Apple’s statement came only a month after Samsung Electronics announced its recycling and reuse policy for 4.3 million Galaxy Note 7. I am also interested in how this decision will affect Samsung Electronics’ future plans.”

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