Amazon Set Up Autonomous Navigation Research Team

Amazon has recently set up a separate team of about 10 people to study autonomous driving technology. Rather than creating an autonomous vehicle itself, it is intended to revolutionize the logistics distribution field.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the team plans to explore ways to deliver goods more efficiently by using self-propelled trucks, forklifts, and drones.

In particular, autonomous vehicles are expected to play a variety of roles, such as carrying goods more easily at the “last mile delivery” stage, which refers to the process of goods that have been unloaded at the distribution center and finally delivered to consumers. According to the Recode, Amazon enrolled a patent related to the adjustment of autonomous vehicles driving on the road last January.

The company is keeping plans to utilize autonomous vehicles, trucks, drones, and other products to deliver goods to the recruitment column, announcing that they will select researchers to develop future transportation and transportation systems at Amazon Robotics, which focuses on logistics technology.

Over the years, Amazon has built a network of distribution and logistics networks to create a system that can deliver more goods.

According to Quartz, Amazon acquired Robotics, a company based in Kiva in 2012, and reduced its work time from 60 to 75 minutes to 15 minutes by sorting small orange robots in logistics warehouses. In 2013, they announced plans to use the drones under the name “Amazon Prime Air.”

Amazon operates more than 40 aircraft under ‘Amazon Prime Air’ and thousands of dedicated trucks. Dual trucks have long been regarded as one of the most widespread adoptions of autonomous driving technology. It is because of the expectation that efficiency will be improved if trucks that drive the same highway for a long time are replaced with autonomous driving technology. The driving time is limited to 10 hours per day for a human driver, but it is not unreasonable for an autonomous truck to drive overnight. It will take only one and a half day to arrive 4-day distance.

In the future, it is noteworthy that Amazon will be able to demonstrate new innovations in the field of e-commerce such as carrying goods to autonomous vehicles or trucks to the destination and then using the drones to deliver them to the actual home.

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