AI Will Bring The Game Of The Highest Immersion

Lee Eun-seok, director of Nexon, a key developer, presented a somewhat interesting topic through the Nexon Developers Conference (NDC) keynote address held near the Pangyo office building in Seongnam city on the 25th.

In anticipation of changes in the game industry during the artificial intelligence (AI) era, he created a virtual Go game called ‘Omega Go’. Director Lee is not an industrial change that will happen right away, but he has various personal opinions in terms of presenting a topic to the game industry that will meet the AI age.

“If the goal of Alpha Go is his victory, then Omega Go is for the opponent’s enjoyment,” he said. “Omega Go is the result of a dramatic process and a brilliant victory when a person does his best. AI for fun. ”

To this end, he introduced the process of measuring and collecting engagements during the game. It measures the changes in body image such as brain conduction, heart rate, respiration, blinking of the eyes, and body temperature and records the moment when the user is most immersed. This is big data, and if AI goes through learning, it is the idea that the AI can get in a situation where it can be immersed in the best moment and “Ultimate Go game can be born.”

He predicted that the AI would be able to play games with automatic play and level design. It is a low-dimensional level, but this is still going on. Technologies for making low-resolution 2D photographs as high-resolution 3D texture graphics have also been developed and utilized.

“Previously, we scanned hundreds of people in 3D to make a passerby in the game, but now it is possible with only a few hundred pictures,” he said.

In the future, personalized content via AI will also be available on the spot. In this case, a game in which procedural content such as Minecraft is generated can be transformed. With advanced deep-running techniques, he predicts that games can be immersed too deeply into time.

There is a rosy future for the game industry that AI will bring, but there is also a gloomy outlook. It is generally expected that the size of the game development team will be reduced. Simple coding can be replaced by AI.

Lee expressed concern that “unemployment may be accelerated and labor opportunities may be reduced.” “Fast-track followers will be better at AI,” he said. “The obvious game is good for automation.”

In response, Lee advised the company that it would create an IP (Intellectual Property) and brand, and personally “get away from the task of making data easier to replace with machines.” “Artificial intelligence is not universal, but it will bring a great shock,” he concluded.

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