Adobe Supports 4K & VR For CC Video Applications

Adobe has updated its video applications in the Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) to focus on streamlining collaboration and video workflow between video creators and producers.

Adobe Creative Cloud Video applications support the latest video formats, including ultra-high definition (4K), high dynamic range (HDR) and virtual reality (VR), and work with Adobe Stock to explore and purchase millions of Adobe Stock Video assets in applications.

In addition, this update leverages Adobe’s machine learning and artificial intelligence framework, Adobe Sensei, to standardize the volume of audio throughout Premiere Pro and Audition with a single click.

In addition, character animators not only can animate the whole body but also can show more vibrant movements with unique gait.

Adobe has partnered with Pond 5 to provide more expanded video assets at Adobe Stock. Video producers and designers are able to access modern and popular themed images from Pond 5, including lifestyle, recreation, sports, movies and aerial imagery, through AdobeStock.

“Adobe’s goal is to simplify complex tasks so users can focus on improving the quality of storytelling and work,” said Steve Warner, vice president of digital media at Adobe. “New and updated creative cloud video is powered by Adobe Sensei to make video work faster and easier, so every video creator can bring creative ideas to life, even if they’re not motion-graphics or sound experts.”

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