A Murder Broadcasted On Facebook Live By Cleveland Man

On Sunday, a shooting murder occurred in Cleveland.

A man named Steve Stephens posted a live broadcast on his Facebook page that predicted murder. Then, in a few minutes, he posted on his account the murder of 74-year-old Robert Godwin. The victim was completely unaware of Steve. Steve is known to have committed such a crime because his relationship with the woman he had met has been changed.

He said he has killed 13 others and is looking for the 14th victim. As a result of the police investigation, one victim was identified as Godwin. The Cleveland Police are openly seeking out details of Steve Stephens.

Facebook said there was no prior notice of the first murder video and the live was recognized after 1 hour and 45 minutes of shooting the murder scene. The post was removed in about 2 hours, but it was after a lot of people watched the video.

“As a result of this terrible event, we are looking at ways people can report videos and other material that violate the standards as quickly as possible,” said Justin Osofsky, vice president of Global Operations at the Facebook newsroom.

Facebook Live has always been a subject of controversy. In September 2016, two men in Tennessee conducted drug trade through Facebook Live. In January 2017, four black men in Chicago shot and tortured people with mental illnesses on Facebook live.

Facebook stressed that it is important to keep the global community safe. They said they are reviewing thousands of people across the globe in more than 40 languages and that they will prevent violent images from being reshared through the artificial intelligence system in the future. However, Facebook does not yet have a system that automatically detects violent content.

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